North Carolina Nursing License

North Carolina Nursing License

This license is under the control of the Nursing Board of North Carolina (NCBON).

All neighbors of NC are members of the compact for nursing permits. This means that if you have a residency and a permit in any of these states you also can get a multistate certificate. The borders of NC are Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina. Check out also the requirements for the nursing license of these states.

North Carolina Nursing License Types

There are 2 ways to pass the licensure process: the first is an examination and the second is an endorsement. To obtain it for the first time you need to take the NCLEX. According to the latest records, the graduates from registered programs have a 95% rate on this. But, applicants from the practical ones have an 89% rate.

Requirements for LPN


The applicants have to take a practical program for nurses acceptable for the board. Typically these courses last 3 semesters. To find approved courses visit the official website of the Board.

However, if you have decided to attend a school outside of NC, make sure that it is acceptable. It only accepts military training if you pass it during the courses. The only military course that qualifies as a part of your licensure process is the Nursing Practical Program of the US Army.

Process of Application

The candidates who pass through the examination stage, are not able to get a temporary permit. So, be sure to start this earlier. The part for the new graduates on the board’s website contains the process description, essential links, and necessary form. In addition, you can complete the application online. However, before it, you need to pass the fingerprint check. This process in NC is electronically and is done by centers of Live Scan.

Also, to take the NCLEX-PN test graduates have to register via the organization which manages it.

The fees for all these stages are the administration fee of $75, fingerprint check of $38, and licensing examination of $200.

After receiving the test authorization, the applicant can make an appointment for a test at any testing room in NC. Choosing the room is all up to you, choose whatever is the most comfortable.

The testing centers are in Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Raleigh, Greenville, Charlotte, and Asheville. Also, you are able to schedule it in other areas. After success in this stage, you will obtain your permission electronically.

In case of question feel free to direct them by the emails on the website for new graduates.


To be able to get a license by endorsement, you need to complete authorized training for nurses. Also, you need to have a permit from another state.

Candidates may fill in the application electronically. They also need plenty of info at hand: like the number of the current certificate or the maiden name of their mother. On the website, you may find the checklist for this all.

This permit requires a $150 fee.

A non-permanent one may be available to an endorsing candidate. It makes you job-ready in roughly 2 weeks. To know if you gain it or not, verify it virtually.

Requirements for RN License


A future registered nurse must attend a professional program for nurses authorized by the NC Body of Nursing or a board in other states. It’s fine if the education is completed electronically, but the training has to be accredited or recognized in the area in which it is offered.

Courses at the bachelor, diploma, and associate levels you will find on the official website. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree should be admitted into a master’s degree. And they can acquire their primary certificate as RNs while studying for high-level practice and specialized training. “North Carolina RN Programs” provides several helpful resources for learning how to choose the right one.

Process of Application

The applicant eventually has to do a criminal check, also pass a licensure exam, but both will happen far later in the part. To pass a criminal record, fill in the application online. Candidates from within the state should have their fingerprints taken via Live Scan. It costs $75 to apply for licensing.

They also may apply for an exam via the internet. After, pay the fee of $200 through a credit card. However, if you wish to use normal mail, you can. Before planning the computer-adaptive test, wait for permission (through mail or email).

The final step is usually taking the exam, but even after that, you have to expect your permission online. To get it you need to verify your credential online, as you gain it by email.


A $150 fee is necessary for a certificate via endorsement. Registered nurses who currently have permission in other states are also able to take a temporary one, allowing them to begin working while their paperwork is in process. A driver’s license stamped copy is necessary. Official confirmation is necessary at some point.

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