North Carolina Business License

North Carolina Business License

Do you already have an ingenious business idea that desire to bring into reality? If so, you are probably in need of precise information about state-wide requirements to operate your business in North Carolina. We will reveal all the necessary details of licensing, the main steps of registering your business, duration, and expenses of obtaining your business license.

Is a business license required in NC?

North Carolina doesn’t offer a general business license that will apply to every business operating in the state. You may need a business license depending on the services and goods your business provides. North Carolina Department of Commerce issues several occupational licenses and permits that require specific education and examination according to the nature of your business. Remember that every city and county in North Carolina defines its own requirements of licensure that must be in compliance with your business.

How much does it cost for a business license in North Carolina?

Have you already decided on the type of entity of your business? The business entity defines the regulations of taxes and the degree of protection of your business. The costs of major business structures in North Carolina are listed below:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): $100
  • Business Corporation: $125
  • Non- Profit Corporation: $60
  • Limited Partnership: $50
  • Limited Liability Partnership: $125
  • Professional Corporation: $125
  • Professional LLC: $125

How do I get my LLC license in NC?

To run your business in North Carolina, LLCs and corporations should be registered with the NC Department of State.  Prior to the registration of your LLC business license, you must follow these required steps:

  • Choose the desired business name: Your business name should contain LLC ending and it can be reserved for up to 10 years. The filing fee is $10. In the application form make sure to include the name and the address, state of formation, authorized entity name, title, and signature.
  • Assign an agent residing in North Carolina: Registered agent’s street address and mailing address should be included.
  • Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from IRS if in your LLC there are two or more members.
  • File corporate income taxes with the Department of Revenue

LLCs registered with the Secretary of State should submit and complete the requirements of the Articles of Organization. Make sure to include the following elements in your application:

  • Name of your LLC business and office address
  • Duration of LLC
  • Registered agent’s name, address
  • Organizer’s name, address
  • Type of management
  • Business email
  • Names, signature, and addresses of members
  • A valid signature, name, and title of the registrant
  • Effective date

How do I register a business name in NC?

In order to legally operate in North Carolina, you must register your business and reserve a unique name. You can file a name reservation for your business utilizing the online application form. The name reservation is also possible by mailing the Application to Reserve the Business Name form to the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State along with the $30 filing fee. Your business name can be reserved for up to 120 days. If you want to protect your business name backed by federal law, you can apply for a trademark which usually costs $220-$400. The trademark will secure your business name nationwide not allowing other businesses to duplicate your name.

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